Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What I Hear...

Is that blogging is the cool thing to do. I am behind the times here. But better late than never! I will sign up for twitter soon too! Maybe use them more regularly than my MySpace page.

I read a ton of blogs, I just never thought of myself as a blogger. My friends are good bloggers. Regularly educating us all on their adventures in life. I don't live quite as an exciting life as them. Let's see if anyone actually reads this. Or if I am just writing for my sole benefit. But I will give it everything I got! Maybe some people from back home will read my blog.

Right now, I am beginning another semester in school. At what point does it end? I don't know. Lola doesn't either! But we are happy in school. Except for this heat. The summer is never ending around here. It's a good thing that we have J's house to relax at! I should really get my butt to reading for class tomorrow. *Thea*

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